As Good As It Gets….

The other day, my AARP card arrived in the post. Like most things in life, this can be viewed from the perspective of a glass half empty, or a glass half full. While the half empty side is perhaps most obvious and easily contemplated, the glass half full is the prudent one to focus on. OK, so standing against a wall, I can no longer pee above head height, and maybe my bones creak a little more each morning, but growing old is a hell of a lot better than the alternative, and I’ve got a card to prove it.

And the card does mark another milestone in my Americanization. First there was buying my first Chevrolet, then my first hangover thanks to Coors Brewing Company, citizenship, the emotion of my first jury summons – ( trial cancelled – wahoo ) and now here I am, feet even more firmly under Uncle Sam’s table.

Another reason to be particularly happy, is that right now it is July, the river has dropped and is running clear, and the dry fly fishing is off the charts. Gone are the cold winds of spring, the layers of goretex and fleece, nymph rigs and rock dodging at 250 cfs. Right now, and hopefully for the next several weeks, is as close to fly fishing nirvana as you could hope to see around here. Lots of fish, all hungry, sitting tight to the banks, and looking up.

And there is plenty around for the fish to be feeding on. Caddis, stoneflies, mayflies and hoppers. On a recent trip down Browns Canyon, it didn’t matter what fly was presented, as long as it floated on the surface, close to the bank, with a natural drift and the odd twitch being thrown in for good measure.

It is amazing how quickly summer is flying by. Memo to the Creator, whoever he or she may be – why can’t summer pass by as slowly as winter seems to? These conditions, with good hatches, warm weather and stable water flows will hopefully continue for the next several weeks. If you are only going to fish a few times a year, now is the time to get out there. If you are contemplating taking up the sport of angling, now is the time to call up your local guide service and book a trip. And if your spouse or significant other is bitten with the fishing bug, now is the time to loosen the leash and let them get out there for a bit. After all, soon it will be winter again, and then you’ll be looking for any excuse to get them out of the house.