So, Where The Heck is Missourah, Anyway?

I’m glad this question wasn’t on my citizenship test. I’d faithfully committed to memory the thirteen original colonies, sorted out that it was Francis Scott Key and not Brooks and Dunn who wrote The Star Spangled Banner, and learned that although at that time ( 2002 ) true executive power lay with the office of vice president, this was not the answer my interviewer was looking for. But seriously, when they were handing out the names for fledgling states, why pick a name so close to an existing state? If the guys next door had already claimed Missouri, why not accept defeat graciously and go for something more original like Victoria or North Arkansas ? Thankfully, folks from Missourah have a sense of humor ( I hope ).

As a parent of two young daughters, it gives me great pride and satisfaction to see them develop an interest in fly fishing. I like to think I am passing on to them a gift that will keep on giving, long after I am no longer around, and its about the only thing they will take instruction from their dad about. So I assume, it must be the case in the video with Bruce, fishing with his son Ben, well on his way to becoming a bona fide trout bum – every family needs at least one. Something of us lives on in the memory of another when we are gone, for better or worse. To pass on an appreciation of what matters in life, like clean water, fresh air and time spent laughing with friends and family is a goal we all should aspire to.

In many ways this day typified what I like about fall fishing. The weather was obviously perfect, the water low and clear, and the fall colors just starting to manifest along the river. Looking through the crystal clear water at the shape and tone of the rocks below make it abundantly clear that everything nature does is by design. The color and shape of the fish blends in with perfect harmony, enabling them to materialize and dissolve with phantom like qualities. With the water low and clear, they will tend to seek out the minute troughs and deeper water, darker places where they are better concealed from above. This is also the osprey’s favorite time of the year to be fishing after all.

And so into the last few weeks of the fall fishing season, before winter bites and this fisherman trades in his rod and waders for snowboard boots. There’s still time for a few more good memories to be made, perhaps a last trip to the high country, another float or two, another opportunity to acknowledge nature’s perfection.


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  1. missiouri iia the southern part ..down near ,,like lake taneycomo ,,it is really anything south of i-70…it was defined during the war between the states .(an articel #11)…our war of northern aggression started in southern mo….down in places like springfield ,newtonia ,neosho ,…..also mo. …well it means ..”big canoe” it is from the dakota people…my peoples !!!when pronouced with a “a” you are southern…when pronounced with a “e” northern, it is still like this today..really good fly fishing /tailwaters down there (at taneycomo) an a fine place to chase smallies, which is in the ozarks (a name foe the osage peoples )

  2. Is there any way to revisit the video of my two friends. all i got was an X in the upper left corner.

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