It’s Blue-Wing time on the Arkansas

By Hayden Mellsop / April 6, 2011
Coming up in a few weeks, the Ark will be in the midst of one of the most renowned dry fly hatches...
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Maui: How Bad Can it Be?

By Hayden Mellsop / March 27, 2011
"It seems like an exercise in futility to me" said my wife, shrugging her shoulders. Not wishing to dwell too deeply on...
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Of Things Pink, and Golden…

By Hayden Mellsop / February 20, 2011
With the evenings getting longer, and the days incrementally warmer, thoughts are turning more and more to the river, and away from...
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How Sick Are You, Really?

By Hayden Mellsop / November 14, 2010
(Note: This article previously appeared in High Country Angler Magazine) If you’re any kind of fisherman, you’ve probably had the finger of...
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Riding The Wave

By Hayden Mellsop / June 10, 2010
Some things we have control over, others little or none whatsoever. Typically, our sphere of influence plays second fiddle to our much...
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Spank Me, Bite Me, Tease Me, Pinch Me

By Hayden Mellsop / October 9, 2009
Living in this town, sometimes I find I have to pinch myself to make sure it's really me, and real life and...
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Not the report I imagined…

By Hayden Mellsop / July 12, 2009
Sometimes, you can get swept up in your own little agenda to such an extent that you wouldn't know a good time...
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In praise of a fickle mistress…

By Hayden Mellsop / June 19, 2009
What is it about having your advances spurned that can keep a guy coming back for more? You knock on the door,...
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It’s Stonefly Time on the Arkansas River

By Hayden Mellsop / June 12, 2009
June 12, 2009 There are two floats that a fisherman looks forward to the most throughout the year. The first is the...
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Showdown at Grass Lake

By Hayden Mellsop / June 8, 2009
June 8, 2009 As the rivers rise, its time to head to the hills in search of fish and salvation. With the...
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